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As a Kumho Tyres premium dealership, Belmont Tyre & Auto is proud to supply and fit the renowned tyre brand chosen by most the world’s biggest automotive brands.  Kumho Tyres products are tested and proven internationally and are fast becoming one of the most sought after brands in Australia.  These tyres are renowned for their quality, safety and longevity.

Stocking the most popular Kumho Tyres

At Belmont Tyre & Auto, we keep in stock the most popular models of Kumho Tyres for your vehicle including:

Performance Comfort

Kumho KU22 Tyres

A tyre combining value and class-leading ultra high performance In-Outside (Asymmetric) tread design with high grip resin and newly optimised wear and wet traction Silica based compound.
An ultra high performance All-Season tyre for drivers of high-end sports cars,
sporty coupes and performance.
Class-leading ultra high performance in wet and dry conditions with high levels of handling, long lasting wear and low noise.

Ecsta 4X KU22 Features:

  • Low Noise
  • Long Lasting Wear
  • Improved Handling

Affordable & Long Lasting

Kumho KR26 Tyres

An entry-level tyre, targeting the most popular segment of the Australian car market – compact and small to medium cars.
The Sense KR26 features a symmetrical tread design with curved sipes in the blocks to improve stiffness in the tyre, limit block slip and increase mileage.
Kumho’s OPST (Optimal Pitch Sequence Technology) has been used in the tread design to provide a quieter ride as well as optimising the contact area with the road.

Sense KR26 Features:

  • Affordable Quality
  • Entry Level for Compact, Small to Medium
  • Symmetrical tread design
  • Long Lasting

Performance Sports

Ecsta PS71 Tyres

A sports performance tyre designed for driving refinement.
Design to deliver fine and stable driving with superb handling and braking performance on wet and dry surfaces.
The application of new hybrid cap ply made of steel belts strengthens casing. The inclusion of a fabric insert into the sidewall provides extra rigidity

Ecsta PS71 Features:

  • Superb handling and braking performance
  • Maximises wear, handling & fuel efficiency
  • Maximised driving performance
  • Increased durability

Premium SUV

Kumho KL33 Tyres

CRUGEN is the all-new premium SUV offering high quality comfort and optimum steering stability in on-road condition. High class premium all season touring tyre for luxury SUV’s.
High class premium all season touring tyre for luxury SUV’s.
Lower noise & outstanding ride comfort.
Well balanced dry & wet traction.

Crugen KL33 Features:

  • Low noise & premium comfort performance
  • Improved traction
  • Wet driving performance

Modern All-Terrain

Road Venture AT51 Tyres

Modern All-Terrain tyre for light trucks, high level of braking and handling performance.
Aggressive design & optimised for dry, off road traction & wear performance. Suited to 70% on road and 30% off-road use.

Road Venture AT51 Features:

  • Improves off- road performance.
  • Long term durability
  • Handling

Aggressive Off-Road

Road Venture MT51 Tyres

Aggressive off-road design balancing on-off road (50%+50%) performance regular new MT Mild MT for mine and mountain climbing.
Aggressive block & dual pitch applied for mud, rock crawling & on-road performance.
Improved on-road driving performance.
Stone ejector and mud cleaning performance.

Road Venture MT51 Features:

  • Mud Terrain
  • Sport
  • Traction performance
  • Mud & stone emission

Urban Driving

Kumho KH17 Tyres

An innovative, new tyre design, Solus KL17 has been developed specifically for handling the rigours of urban driving. With a silica based tread compound and a non-directional tread design, the KH17 offers lower noise levels and good wet and dry traction for a more comfortable ride.

KH17 Features:

  • Non-directional tread design
  • Low noise levels
  • Better ride comfort
  • Good wet and dry traction

Classic SUV and 4×4

Kumho KL51 Tyres

A classic SUV and 4×4 road tyre designed for modern SUVs, the Road Venture APT KL51 delivers excellent tread for long mileage. The APT KL51 is an all-purpose tyre offering capability and confidence in a variety of road conditions. It combines a blend of handling, performance, ride comfort and low noise.

KL51 Features:

  • Low noise
  • Outstanding ride comfort

Extreme Off Road

Kumho KL71 Tyres

The Road Venture MT KL71 is Kumho Tyre’s most extreme off road tyre, delivering ultimate traction on and off road. The aggressive mud terrain tread design offers enhanced climbing ability and wet performance traction, both on and off road. And for additional comfort, the KL71 also delivers significantly less road noise when compared with standard MT tyres.

KL71 Features:

  • Dual pitch pattern
  • Extreme off road tread performance
  • Delivers ultimate traction
  • Reduced on road noise compared to standard MT tyres

Luxury Performance

Kumho KU39 Tyres

The Ecsta Le Sport KU39 is a luxury sports performance tyre that delivers dynamic handling in all conditions. Designed for prestige vehicles such as BMW, Mercedes, Audi & Lexus, the KU39 features Kumho Tyre’s innovative ‘In-Out’ tread design for maximum water drainage and braking performance. Along with its outstanding performance levels, this tyre also delivers a controlled ride and refinement to minimise noise levels.

KU39 Features:

  • Delivers dynamic handling in all conditions
  • Maximum speed stability
  • Enhanced performance and braking in wet weather
  • Premium comfort level

High End Sports

Kumho KU31 Tyres

The Ecsta SPT KU31 has been developed for drivers of high end sports cars who demand a fine balance of comfort, high performance and safety in all conditions. The asymmetric groove design delivers high speed stability, while the high tensile steel belt and jointless nylon full cap ply ensures a smooth ride and precise handling. The KU31 has received an Australian design award and was rated as “Recommended” by four major German car magazines, including Autobild.

KU31 Features:

  • Directional tread design
  • High dispersible silica compound for maximum grip
  • Wet hydroplaning resistance
  • Rim protector


Tyres and Auto Servicing in one convenient location

Belmont Tyre & Auto combine our Kumho Tyres expertise and auto servicing in one convenient location.  We stock the most popular Kumho Tyres including KL71  KL51  KH17  KL78 KU39  KU31 and more. If the tyre you need is not in stock, we can source it quickly for you from the nearby Kumho Perth Warehouse to ensure you get the tyre you are looking for with top auto service.

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